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For the first time in Singapore, an exclusive event featuring gelato from all over the world was held in Marina Bay sands. The event had two main highlights:

Gelato with a Heart Dinner: A first ever event was held in Marina Bay Sands on the 12th of March 2015 featuring Gelato from appetizer to dinner. The menu featured combinations of hot and cold, sweet and savory unique fusions of Eastern and Western Gelato prepared by well-known chefs of Singapore & Gelato World Tour.

The dinner included auction of some unique memorabilia and gifts. Proceeds from the auction were donated to beneficiaries of the President's Challenge 2015.

Gelato World Tour

The “Formula One of Gelato” took place from March 20 to 22, 2015 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. The event aimed to bring the fine art of gelato making culture to the Singapore and Asia-Pacific countries. Visitors to the Gelato World Tour enjoyed lessons and workshops on the ancient art of making gelato from Italian experts and they witnessed the competition involving the final selection of 16 flavours from Singapore and the Asia-Pacific countries. The Singapore’s stage of the Gelato World Tour was certainly the coolest championship in town, a treat for both the public and artisans who explored the rich history of gelato that dates back thousands of years. Adults and children were spoilt for choice by the range of gelato available, made fresh and right before their very eyes.