VinItaly 2011 in Verona, Italy on 7-10 April 2011

Veronafiere, Italy ( with it’s Southeast Asia representative, Felicitas Global Pte Ltd,once again organized a delegation visit from Southeast Asia to visit and participate in Vinitaly 2011, on it\'s 45th edition.  The exhibition was held in Verona, Italy on 8-12 April 2011. The SEA delegation comprised of 13 companies from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,and Vietnam.  Two journalists from Singapore also joined the delegation.

The delegates participated in the different “Taste & Buy" programmes and other wine tasting and networking activities during the event.

"Please accept my appreciation for the good work done during Vinitaly..."
-Jimmy Ler, Our Wine Arcade, Singapore-

"I would like to let you know that I am very happy with the arrangement..."
-Sam Tan, Millie\'s Enterprise, Singapore-
 "Thank YOU for the brilliant organization once again ! Everything went pretty smoothly as scheduled."
-Jsern Tan, Serial Cellars, Malaysia-