About Us
Our founding team members offer more than 75 years of combined, hands-on, in-depth experience in Conceptualization, Planning, Sales, Organization and Delivery of well-organized corporate projects - in areas such as Marketing, Promotion, Corporate Training and accompanying events. We are deeply passionate about our business and have the track record in designing and delivering high quality programs.

We understand the market sectors, the geographical areas and have established business contacts and client relations in many countries in Asia.

We are culturally familiar with and sensitive to the business and socio-political environment in the market areas.

Our team members speak multiple languages including English, Italian, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi and Tamil.
Our Associate in Italy:


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 Visit of Consortio Vino Chianti to Singapore 2017
15 May 2017
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9-12 April 2017 
Verona, Italy 

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9-12 April 2017  
Verona, Italy 
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2017 EDITION!!!
Singapore, 10 March 2017 
Hanoi, 08 March 2017 
 Gambero Rosso: Top Italian Wines Roadhsow 
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Our Principals
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